Aero Cargo

Aero Cargo is one transport methods, which use airplane to transport goods.

both passenger and cargo flight can provide aero cargo service .

1,What goods need to use aero cargo service ?

High value, urgent or too long or too weight to use Express. 

For example, LED , phone or phone parts,fashion clothes,electronic product always use aero cargo service in international trade.

2,Which airline provide aero cargo service?

World wide, both passenger and cargo flights provide air freight service.

In China, HU,CA,HU,SU,EK,SQ,TG,CI are the main airline to provide aero cargo service to other country.

2,What is the transit times of aero cargo ?

normally 3-5days after departure, aslo have direct fight( 1 day)and multiple transfer flight(4-6days, 6-8days,8-12 days).

3,What is the requirement when use aero cargo service ?

1,In China Mainland, products with battery will be a problem.

2,Different flight have different requirement of carton size , but almost all flights don’t accept cargo more than 3.5*2.5*1.5m.

3,Normally,Liquid goods can’t use aero cargo service.

4,Products with magnet need more cost. 

4,Will aero cargo service delivery goods to door ?

no, only to airport, consignee need to do custom clearance in the airport and do delivery by themselves or use a local agent.

5,Do you provide aero cargo service ?

Yes, airfreightfromchina.com provide aero cargo service from China to the world, especially from Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Hong Kong airport.

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