Air Freight from China to Peshawar

As there is few flights from China Mainland to Peshawar , we now provide EK and GF air freight service from Hong Kong to Peshawar .

Type of Shipment:General cargo , led lightting , products with battery,phone parts,etc.


To get latest price from China to Peshawar,Pakistan pls send email to :petergc@yeah.net 

Our Services

Our airfreight services include:

 Consolidated and non-consolidated

 Project cargo
 Dangerous goods & Valuables
 Oversized and small packages
 Real time tracking and tracing

Why choose us for Air-Freight?

1.Flexible Air-Frieght Schedules

Choose from our range of air-freight schedules available to meet your tight shipment deadlines.

2.Cost Effective
Reduce cost
 and freight processes as we provide a one-stop solution for your supply chain

We have our own warehouse at the airport, We also can help you to repacking your cargoes if your cargoes are from different suppliers.
In terms of standard warehousing, our services include:
– Inventory control and management
– Warehouse management
– Buyer’s consolidation
– Breakbulk Distribution / Product Mixing
– Just-In-Time delivery – Tracking and Tracing
– Packing and Picking / Kitting

4.Expertise in Local Customs Clearance Procedure
Entrust us with the complicated customs documentation and clearance procedures while you focus on business planning.
1. We provide the best 
Customs clearance services at all major CN airports.
2. We can offer you excellent service with reasonable price.

5.Worldwide airline routes

1.Our company can offer Air servie(HU,CA,CI,SQ,LH,MU,CX,AY,PO,TK,EY,BA,ET,PR,KE,MH,UL,TG,SA,etc.) and DHL,UPS.TNT.EMS.FEDEX.express service and we have good relationships with major airlines.

2. Professional agency teams overseas Miami,Boston,Chicago.Washington,Atlanta,

Charleston,Detroit,Philadelphia.any city,place in USA To EUROPE are my company’s advantage.

3. Long term business relationships overseas provide us with quality business agencies in major countries and cities

  It’s of utmost importance to every business organization in a wide range of industries to be able to deliver their goods to their destinations within selected suitable schedules at the lowest cost.
  It has always been kingstar logistics’ primary concern and objective in helping our clients to achieve their specific requirements. 

  Any inquiry /question,please feel free contact with me.

Hope this helps.

Peter Gui    

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