AAE Rabah Bitat Airport

Rabah Bitat Airport (Les Salines Airport)

ICAO:   DABB     IATA:   AAE    

AAE is the airport codes of Rabah Bitat Airport .

Rabah Bitat Airport (IATA: AAE, ICAO: DABB), formerly known as Les Salines Airport, and popularly as El Mellah Airport is an international airport located 9 km (5.6 mi) south of Annaba, a city in Algeria.[1] It is named after Rabah Bitat, a president of Algeria (1978-1979).

World War 
During World War II the airport was known as Bone Airfield, and was used by the German Luftwaffe. Later captured by the United States Army, the USAAF Twelfth Air Force in the Western Desert Campaign in 1942-1943.

In November 1942 the Allies invaded French Morocco and Algeria (Operation Torch). The British airborne operations in North Africa started on 12 November, when the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment carried out the first battalion sized parachute drop, on Bone airfield between Algiers and Tunis. The remainder of the brigade arrived by sea the next day. Bone Airfield was the base of 111 Squadron RAF, a Spitfire squadron under Squadron Leader Tony Bartley. One notable pilot to fly from Bone on occasion was Wing Commander Adrian Warburton who was an infrequent visitor after crash landing there on the 15th of November 1942.

The Old terminal had an annual capacity of 500,000 passengers. In January 2016, the new international terminal had been opened. The New Terminal, which commissioning generates 300 jobs, has an expandable capacity of 700,000 passengers per year.

Rabah Bitat Airport
Name Rabah Bitat Airport
Country Algeria
Elevation 16 feet
Latitude 36° 49′ 19.92″ N
Longitude 7° 48′ 33.01″ E
Time Zone Africa/Algiers (GMT +1:00)
WAC 500 
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabah_Bitat_Airport
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What is the airport code for Rabah Bitat Airport?
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Airport Code DABB
What is the airport code for Rabah Bitat Airport?
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Airport Code AAE
Rabah Bitat Airport Code
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