AAG airport, Arapoti Airport

Arapoti Airport

ICAO:   SSYA     IATA:   AAG    

Avelino Vieira Airport (IATA: AAG, ICAO: SSYA) is the airport serving Arapoti, Brazil.

It is operated by the Municipality of Arapoti under the supervision of Aeroportos do Paraná (SEIL).

Arapoti Airport
Name Arapoti  Airport
Country Brazil
Elevation 2,641 feet
Latitude  24° 6′ 13.95″ S
Longitude  49° 47′ 20.68″ W
Time Zone America/Sao_Paulo (GMT -3:00)
WAC 316 
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avelino_Vieira_Airport
FAQs for Arapoti  Airport
What is the airport code for Arapoti  Airport?
What is the ICAO code for Arapoti  Airport?
Airport Code SSYA  
What is the airport code for Arapoti  Airport?
What is the IATA code for Arapoti  Airport?
What is the Address for Arapoti  Airport?
Airport Code AAG  
Arapoti  Airport Code
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