Can Air Freight Cash On Delivery ?

When we buy things online, we often choose to pay cash on delivery, which means that we pay when the goods are delivered to us.This is the payment function provided by the merchant; sometimes, when friends or others send us things, After the goods are sent to our hands, the courier will charge the consignee for the postage fee. This is also because the courier has the function of paying. Since the courier can pay, can the air freight use cash on delivery ? 
    The meaning of express delivery and air transportation is to wait for the goods to be delivered to the port of destination. When the consignee comes to pick up the goods, the cost of transportation will be paid. That is to say, these expenses are provided by the freight company first, and the goods arrive at the port. Only pay. In this case, it can be said that the air transport can be paid, or it can be said that the air transport cannot be paid. Why do you say this? Here are the details for everyone.
    Under normal circumstances, air transport can not be paid, international air transport one ticket large freight charges may be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, even if less than 500, this is not like a courier mailing a dozen or less, one hundred or less Get it, this is much higher than the cost of the courier. First of all, if the goods are shipped to Hong Kong by air, what should the customer do? That would be complicated. Secondly, if the goods arrive in Hong Kong, the customer finds that the goods are useless to them. If they do not pick up the goods, they will not pay the freight. What should I do? That would be very troublesome…so generally air freight don’t use cash on delivery

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