Characteristics and differences between air cargo and air express

Air cargo and air express are both air transport services, but there are some differences between them. It can be seen from the literal point that the air cargo freight word indicates that the amount of goods that can be transported can be extremely large; The word “Express” can give people the feeling that it is suitable for the transportation of goods that are not too large. This clearly shows a relationship between inclusion and inclusion, but air express has its own characteristics.

    Air cargo is also called air transportation. Air transportation mainly includes flight transportation, charter transportation, centralized consignment and air express delivery. Air cargo is an important part of modern logistics, providing safe, fast, convenient, efficient and quality services. It can also play an important role in reducing commodity production and operating costs, improving product quality, protecting the ecological environment, and accelerating commodity turnover.

    Air express refers to the use of air transport by the enterprise to collect the courier from the recipient and deliver it to the designated place or recipient at the time promised to the sender, to grasp the entire situation of the delivery process and to provide instant information to the relevant Door-to-door courier service for personnel enquiries.

    Compared with air cargo, air express has the following functions and features:

    First, make business activities more effective.

    Second, it promoted exchanges in various fields.

    Third, it has stimulated the rapid development of the national economy of all countries in the world.

    Fourth, it laid the foundation for the development of logistics in all countries of the world.

    Fifth, the standard of national development level. In the economically developed countries, including some developing countries, the express delivery business has a high degree of openness.

    Sixth, the benefits of universalizing the people.

    Finally, there is a big difference between air cargo and air express service, that is, air cargo only provides airport-to-airport service, while air express can provide door-to-door service, which means air cargo does not provide door-to-door service. .

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