China Customs Requirements for Mask Export

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1. The situation where the goods will be judged as medical by the customs

  • 1.There are Chinese and English medical words on the outer packaging
  • 2.The implemented product standards are medical standards; Chinese medical mask standards are: GB-19083-2010,YY 0469-2011, YY / T0969-2-13
  • 3.At present, the inspection department determines that civilian products with FDA or CE EN14683 are considered medical
2. Documents required for normal export of goods from China
  • 1. Factory production certificate
  • 2. Product test report
  • 3. Factory business license
  • 4. Medical Device Certificate
  • 5. The manufacturer’s record can be found on the website of the Drug Administration
Note: All medical materials for epidemic prevention are the same( documents).
          1.2.3 documents for non-medical

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