China Post small packet

China Post Small Packet

China Post’s small package, China Post’s small parcel, is a postal international parcel service launched by China Post for goods weighing less than 2 kg. It is divided into two types: ordinary postal parcels and registered parcels. With more channels and cheaper prices, it has become the most commonly used cross-border logistics apparel for sellers of major cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Mainly used for Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Lazada, Wish, Newegg, Dunhuang, Ali International and other cross-border e-commerce platform sellers.




Do not accept pure battery,matching battery. built-in battery is acceptable.
Do not accept aviation contraband: magnets, flammable and explosive materials, offensive weapons, currency, reactionary obscene newspapers and books
Imitation brand, food, medicine, animal and plant, tea, liquid, powder, granules, chemicals


Weight mode: Counting the first weight, the unity is calculated in grams.
Weight limit: Not more than 2KG (Note: Israel, no more than 3kg)
Volume limit: maximum size – the sum of length, width and height is less than 90 cm, the longest side is less than 60 cm; the smallest size – 14 cm * 11 cm; cylindrical goods: maximum size – twice the diameter + length ≤ 104 CM, one side Length ≤ 90CM; minimum size – twice the diameter + length ≥ 17CM, length ≥ 11CM.
Surcharge: none
Tracking inquiry:https://www.17track.net
Request for enquiryThis channel is an economical product with no inspection and compensation services.
Tariff relatedUnder normal circumstances, there is no tariff, but if a tariff or other miscellaneous fees are incurred, the recipient will be required to pay. If the recipient refuses to pay, the package will be returned or discarded (such as a permit).

Insurance: no insurance services;

Return related
Security inspection and return: ultra-volume, overweight, rushing goods, escaping goods overseas return: Reason: refusal, address error, failure to post after delivery failed, security return, contraband, recipients refused to pay customs, receipt Rejected places such as rejection: China Post Office (returned to China for free) The time limit for return: generally within 1-6 months;


1, Q: About the cut service
A: The parts that have been connected to the Internet cannot be cut off; if the goods are not on the Internet, if the goods are not in the system of our company, please set the cut-offs on the client, the goods have been delivered to the post office, and the customer service is required to notify the post office to cut off the pieces. Please know all the cuts. Pieces, can only try to cut pieces, not guaranteed to be successful. The time limit for the return of the post office is not guaranteed.

2, Q: About the mail has been online
A: No logistics information is updated in foreign countries, no claims are made.

3, Q: China E packet security check has been returned online
A: Return the postage (if the customer returns the item due to the customer’s own reasons, it needs to charge 8% of the return operation processing fee) such as: unknown address, unknown address, ambiguous address, damaged address, vague face, damaged face, double country , bar code does not match, bar code is damaged, no zip code, information does not match, zip code does not match, zip code does not match the country of delivery, oversized, can not be received, no delivery information, inconsistent on both sides, unable to scan, overweight, and shipping illegal goods Wait.

4, Q: China E small package bureau lost before the Internet
A: According to the declared value + freight compensation for customer losses (up to 100 US dollars), the maximum is not more than 3 times the freight (the registration fee is not counted 3 times). Since the inquiry date, there is no result within 2 months. We consider it to be lost before the Internet access (requires the customer to provide proof of refund or reissue certificate), and compensate the customer according to this rule. If the package is found afterwards and has no responsibility for our company, We reserve the right to recover compensation.

5, Q: Reasons for the return of common security check in China E packet
A: Super volume, overweight, rushed goods, banned goods (attached to the list of postal contraband)

6, Q: About the time limit for China Post packet security checkout:
A: China Post’s security check-out security check-out time is ok, because the post office is processing batch returns, the return time is longer and will not be guaranteed.

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