Dangerous Goods Air Freight

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A dangerous cargo means substances, materials and products that, in the course of air freight, can pose a threat to the life, health and safety of passengers and crew, damage aircraft property or the environment. These include flammables and explosives, pressurised gases, pesticides, toxic, corrosive and radioactive substances and other sources of possible threat (internal combustion engines, lithium batteries, magnetized material, etc.). A dangerous cargo also embraces goods seemingly harmless – food additives with a strong smell, inks, household appliances, consumer goods (powders, perfumes, aerosols), equipment with fuel and lubricants residue, etc. Such goods must be properly declared, packaged and marked, require qualified handling and special carriage conditions subject to national and international laws.

Not all dangerous goods are obvious. Some examples of common items that qualify as dangerous goods that most people fail to recognize are certain comestible oils, nail polish and perfume. These items are flammable and require proper packaging for shipment.  the truth is any type of company may have the need for shipping hazardous materials or dangerous goods at some point, including cosmetics, retailers and food companies.

How to Transport dangerous goods from China ?

We have rich experience in provide dangerous goods air freight service ,but not all goods or all place we can operate.

The goods that we can accept as below for your reference:

  • Mobile phone
  • battery
  • Brand product
  • Nail polish
  • Ink cartridge
  • Toner cartridge
  • perfume
  • chemical materials
  • powder
  • Some drugs

If you are looking for air freight service to transport your sensitive goods, welcome to contact us.

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