DDP Sea shipping from China to UK

DDP Sea shipping from China to UK

1, Overview:

Transportation time:35-40days

Type of shipment::General cargo ,1CBM=350KG

Routing:Guangzhou to UK by sea , UK to your address by truck .

Our warehouse:Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Yiwu,Xiamen,Jinjiang

Advantage:Custom clearance in UK include ,import duty in UK include,destination charge include ,delivery include

2,Service Area

Our service cover all the whole territory of the United Kingdom .

You can use our DDP Sea Shipping service from China to FELIXSTOWE,Southampton,Belfast,Birmingham,Bolton,Bristol,Coventry,Edinburgh
,Glasgow,Hull,Leeds,Liverpool,London,Manchester,New Castle ,Stockport,Thames Port ,Tilbury ….

3,What We Can Do For You ?(If needed)

a,buy export license & Provide commodity inspection

b,Pick up and collect goods from your suppliers

c,Consolidate your goods to our own warehouse

d,Documents that you or your supplier need 


Imitation brand, counterfeit, dangerous goods and liquid won’t be accepted.

The destination customs certificate that the goods are branded goods, or the certification issues of CE, Bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, FCC, Lacey Act, DOT and other certification , or goods belonging to the local anti-dumping, goods or non-compliance of the country’s import requirements of the goods, the shipper need to provide the corresponding power of attorney or certification report.


Contact:Peter, petergc@yeah.net,+86-13632768961

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