DDP shipping from China to Ireland

To get latest DDP price,please send email to petergc@yeah.net or call +86-13632768961

1, Overview:

DDP shipping from China to Ireland will use our China-Europe line.
Our China-Europe line is a DDP service(Delivered Duty Paid) .We’ll help you do the custom clearance and pay the duty and delivery to door .
a, How our China-Europe Line works ?
  Air to airport of Ireland—-> Custom clearance(Duty include)—-Delivery to door  
b,The cost you need to Pay(Based on FOB) : Freight,ENS
c,The cost you needn’t to pay(Based on FOB):Custom clearance and duty and delivery
d,T/T:5-7working days(Fast service) or 15 working days (Economic Service) 
e,Address :personal or FBA address

f,Type of shipment:General cargo,cargo with battery,mobile phone,phone bank,battery ,etc

Pls note: we also have railway transport +delivery to door service  (25-30days)


a,Cheap price

b,Delivery to door 

c,Custom & Tariff include

3,The countries that have service :

DDP TO :Germany, the United Kingdom, France Italy,Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland

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