Destination Charge In Germany Airport

Generally, ordinary trade is imported into Germany, and the consignee must have an EORI number to clear the customs. EORI is a new term, an abbreviation for English Economic Operator Registration and Identification, and Spanish is Registro de Operador Económicoy de Identificación. This number is a registration number for all companies in the EU that have economic activities, especially those with import and export business. As long as the number is obtained in the customs of the country where the company is located, it is common throughout the EU. The system has been in use within the EU since July 1, 2009. EORI is issued by the national customs registration and is used throughout the EU. Its purpose is to better protect the EU’s security amendments and their effective implementation.

In general, the DDP fee has the following items:
   1. Customs operation fee: generally includes 3 HSCODEs.
   2. Trailer fee: After the cargo is over 2,500 kilograms, the road TOLLFEE will be added. A tax for trucks is used to maintain road expenses. Then you may say that my goods are only 200 kilograms. Why do you have this fee? Germany is the most developed country in the world, and the carpooling business is no more common. Yes, here is a big truck, carpooling. So your hundreds of kilograms of goods are also cheaper than in China.
   3. Forklift costs: This is also the fee charged by the airline’s ground agent.
   4. ATLAS fee: This fee is the cost of the computer transmission system used by the airline ground agent to declare the goods to the German customs.
   5, VAT: consumption tax is 19 points. DUTY is queried according to HSCODE.
*Special reminder that the German airport only has 24 hours free of charge. UPS to Cologne Airport is shorter and charges more. Be sure to remember! !
* Delivery waiting and unloading time is only one hour. Beyond the extra charge.
* There are other fees such as T1 FEE is the transit clearance fee. SLVS FEE: German inland transportation liability insurance. ICS is IMPORT CONTROL SYSTEM FEE
* If you use the trailer tailboard separately, you will definitely have to pay more.

The following points remind me about the destination port warehouse rent:
    1. Don’t arrange for arrival on the holiday weekend.
    2, the price is best to consider the warehouse cost for one to two days.
    3. The consignor and the consignee communicate well and arrange tax payment as soon as possible.
    4, if it is a large cargo, has been arranged, it is estimated that it will take a few days to rent, then please consult the SPECIAL DELIEVERY fee, may be able to send a saved warehouse rent one day in advance can cover the emergency delivery fee.
German air to door operation process:
    2. Predetermined position
    3. Self-delivery or pick-up
    4. Hand over the airport warehouse export declaration and release
    5. Waiting for the flight to take off
    6. Tracking the situation of the goods
    7. Arrive at the designated airport
    8. Customs clearance, release and delivery to the door

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