Direct Air freight Shenzhen to Iran

Since July 1, 2019, Iranian W5 Airlines has opened a direct flight from Shenzhen to Tehran.

Mahan Airlines Shenzhen-Tehran will fly two shifts a week, using the Airbus A340-600 model. It will fly from Shenzhen to Tehran every week, flight number W5086, 23:10 from Shenzhen, and arrive at Tehran at 05:10 every other day. On Wednesday, the flight from Tehran to Shenzhen, flight number W5087, 21:15 from Tehran, arrived at Shenzhen at 09:30 the next day (the above time is local time), the average one-way flight time is about 9 hours.

Details as below for your reference:

  • Airlines: W5 Airlines
  • First flight: July 1, 2019
  • Flight number: W5086
  • Transit Times: 1 Day
  • Port of departure: SZX(Shenzhen Airport)
  • Destination port: IKA (Tehran Airport)
  • ETD(Departure time): China Time 23:10:00
  • ETA (Arrive time): Australia Time 09:30:00
  • Schedule: Monday and Thursday
  • Passenger/cargo plane: passenger/Cargo aircraft
  • Dimension Acceptable: 3*2.0*1.5m
  • Plane Model: Airbus A340-600

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