Domestic Air Transport And International Air Transport

Air transportation is generally a more urgent use of goods. If the road transportation cannot meet the timeliness required by the customer, the customer will choose to transport by air. Air transport is fast and safe. The punctual ultra-high efficiency has won a considerable market, greatly shortening the delivery time, and has greatly promoted the capital supply cycle and circulation of the logistics supply chain. Air consignment can be divided into domestic air transportation and international air transportation consignment according to the region. So today, we will explain the difference between domestic air transportation and international air transportation consignment procedures.
    Domestic air transport consignment procedures:
    1. The domestic air consignee consignment should fill in the domestic consignment book and go through the consignment formalities with the freight department or its agent with his/her resident ID card or other valid identity documents. If the shipping department or its agent asks the shipper to issue a letter of introduction or other valid certificate, the shipper should also provide it.
    2. When the domestic air transport consignor consigns fresh perishables, live animals, emergency items and goods with time limit requirements, the flight department, flight date, tonnage should be booked in advance, and the consignment procedures should be carried out according to the agreed time and place.
    3. The domestic air transport consignor consigns the government to restrict the transportation and the goods subject to the formalities of the relevant government departments such as public security and quarantine, and shall be accompanied by valid certification documents.
    4. The domestic air transport shipper shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the contents and documents and documents provided in the consignment book.
    5. For domestic air transport consignees who have different consignment and transportation conditions or cannot be transported together due to the nature of the goods, the consignment documents shall be filled out separately.
    International air transport check-in procedures
    1. The international air consignor consigns the goods and should fill in the international consignment book and provide relevant information and documents related to the transportation.
    2. The international air transport shipper shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the contents of the consignment book and the information and documents provided.
    3. The goods consigned by the international air consignor must comply with the laws, decrees and regulations of the originating, transiting and destination countries and all transport regulations of the relevant airlines.
    4. International air transport shippers must complete the formalities of customs, health and quarantine at the place of origin before consigning the goods.
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    5. When international air transport consignors consign fresh perishables, live animals, valuables, dangerous goods, time-limited requirements and large quantities of goods, the flight department should pre-book the flight, date, tonnage and the agreed time. Check in at the airport collection department.

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