Estonia Epacket

Estonia Epacket

The Estonian Post Packet is an economical logistics service launched by ESTONIAN POST for small items under 2kg. Relying on the geographical advantage of Estonia, the European price and timeliness of the postal mail have significant advantages, and it has become a logistics channel commonly used by sellers of cross-border e-commerce platforms to ship small and small goods to Europe.
Mainly used for Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Ali International, Wish, Lazada, Newegg, Dunhuang, and other cross-border e-commerce platform sellers.
Service short name
Estonia registration: EEBRAM Estonian Free Post: EEBAM
Estonian registered battery: EEBRAM-B Estonian standard post battery: EEBAM-B




Estonia Epacket-battery channel accepts built-in, matching, pure battery, liquid (perfume, spray, nail polish);
The Estonia Epacket only accepts general goods and built-in battery packs;
Do not accept aviation contraband: magnets, flammable and explosive materials, offensive weapons, currency, reactionary obscene newspapers and books
Imitation brand, food, medicine, animal and plant, tea, liquid, powder, granules, chemicals


Weight mode: Excluding the weight of the first weight, the unit is calculated in grams and the processing fee is single.
Weight limit: no more than 2KG
Volume limit

Minimum size: 14 cm * 9 cm;
Maximum specification: square, single side length does not exceed 60CM, length + width + height does not exceed 90CM; shaft shape: diameter * 2+ length does not exceed 140CM, single side length does not exceed 90CM.

Surcharge: none
Tracking inquiry:https://postnl.post/

Request for enquiryIf the information processed by the Estonia Post Office is not updated after delivery, you can contact the customer service to submit an inquiry. The registration request requires the registered office to contact the customer service within 18~50 days after the Internet service in the Estonia to submit a valid information. Only the time limit can be tried.

Tariff relatedIn Europe, the declared value of parcels is >22 euros, and local customs fees will be charged; customs clearance may be required; in addition, the same recipients will be issued in batches in close time, and local customs may impose tariffs. Whether or not tariffs are generated and the amount of tariffs generated depends on the items and customs related policies and regulations.

Insurance: Before the Internet, the lost value is based on the declared value (upper limit of 100 USD) + freight compensation, the maximum is not more than 3 times the freight; after the Internet, the lost post office compensates according to the declared value (maximum not more than 100 USD), there is no logistics insurance service.

Return related
The battery channel has no return service; the overseas delivery of the general cargo channel will be returned to our warehouse in Hong Kong. The declared value of less than 22 euros can be destroyed free of charge overseas; the time limit for return: generally within 1-6 months.


1, Q: Is there any compensation for the loss of the E-packet channel in the Estonia?
A: Lose the goods before the Internet according to the declared value (upper limit of 100USD) + freight compensation, the maximum does not exceed 3 times the freight.
2, Q: Does the E-mail channel in the Estonia have overseas return service?
A: There is no return service for the battery channel; the local delivery of the goods in the general cargo channel is unsuccessful. After the local suspension for a period of time, it has not been received. The local government will arrange to return to the Estonia Post Office. After the Estonia Post Office has compiled a batch, it will be returned to Hong Kong. After the company has arranged to import the mainland uniformly, the sender will be notified. The whole process is about half a year to a year or so.
3, Q: Does the E-mail channel in the Estonia have a suspension service?
A: The goods that have been shipped out of our company cannot be cut off; the goods that have not been shipped out can be set up in our system; the Estonia Post Office has no services for suspension and reissing.

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