Fast Sea Special Line DDP Shipping to US

If you want a better price, but you also need a quick time, our service Fast Sea Special Line DDP Shipping to US will be a good choice for you.

Advantages as below for your reference:

1,Low Cost:no big difference with the normal sea ddp shipping service

2,Good transit times:16-22days

1, How it Works ?

  • 1,Receive cargo
  • 2,Custom declaration(in China)
  • 3,Cargo Loading 
  • 4,Sail to USA
  • 5,Arriving in the US
  • 6,Custom clearance and Pay the duties
  • 7,Delivery by UPS

Please note that the Sea Special Line DDP Shipping to US only accept cargo that more than 100kg.

2,What our quotation includes ?

  • a,Freight,Custom clearance,duties and delivery all included
  • b,Normally pick up not included, if need , please send us the address of your supplier.
  • c,Document not included, if need some documents,your supplier should provide.


A. Do not accept wooden box packaging and air box, no woven bag packaging;
B. The length of the longest side is less than 120cm or the length of the second longest side is more than 70cm;
C. The actual weight exceeds 68KG, the length exceeds 270cm or (width + height) *2+ is longer than the UPS maximum limit of 300CM, then it is not accepted;

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