FBA Air Shipping From China to Europe

Airfreightfromchina.com provide FBA air shipping from China to Europe.

1,Service Area:

Britain, France
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Italy, Denmark
Czech Republic, Poland
Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain

2, Tis:

a. According to DHL billable weight, volume / 6000, additional charges are charged according to UPS; 7-9 working days are taken (flight delay, customs clearance delay is not counted)
b. accept Amazon goods and private address, details please contact us.
c. The actual weight of a single carton cannot be less than 10KG, and less than 10KG is charged at 10KG;
d. Spain zip code 35*** and 38*** beginning with the Canary Islands, otherwise the huge delivery fee will be borne by the sender
e. Amazon cartons need to fill in the FBA warehousing number on the invoice”

3, unaccepted goods

a, mobile power, mobile phones, tablets, watches, U disk, memory card, fingertip gyro, solar products. (Need other methods, please contact to confirm)

b, fragile products, no imitation cards, liquids, powders, food, medicines, flammable and explosive, antiques, currency, high-value items and other countries are prohibited from exporting and airline embargoed goods.
c, imitation brand fake brand items, spray containers, alcohol liquids, asbestos, butane lighters, medical waste products, toxic substances, corrosive articles, counterfeit banknotes, pharmaceuticals, dry ice, flammable and explosive materials, obscene articles, more than standard magnetic Items, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, dissolved paints, and other places of origin, transit, destination, etc. are prohibited by mail;

4, invoice, packing list and declaration

The invoice must have the correct information of the sender/recipient, origin, goods name, quantity, unit price, total price, material, use, and must provide the customs trade code; the invoice declaration must be consistent with the goods, otherwise it may cause Customs clearance delays or penalties, the relevant costs are borne by the sender, so the loss of goods and the deduction is borne by the sender; must provide a packing list, a picture of the goods on the packing list. Please press the actual product name , type, quantity, and amount are reported truthfully.

5, weight and packaging requirements:

A. If UPS goods meet any of the following conditions, UPS will charge an additional handling fee of RMB80.00/box standard (this fee must be superimposed):
1) the longest side length ≥ 100cm or the second longest side length ≥ 75cm;
2) 40KG>single piece weight ≥32KG; 3) Irregular shipments, wooden boxes and woven bags (but not two boxes and one box)
B. Do not accept shipments with a single piece weight exceeding 40KG, or (width + height) * 2 + longer than 330CM;
C, the longest side can not exceed 120CM;”

5. Liability:

The aging delay is not compensated. If the goods are lost in our warehouse, or lost in China, Hong Kong, air transportation or other reasons during the transportation process, we will compensate according to USD5/KG and will not refund the freight. In the event of loss or compensation in the transfer of goods, the compensation amount of UPS will be subject to the maximum compensation, which means that the maximum compensation will not exceed USD100/ticket;
1) If all the problems caused by the infringement, such as customs clearance fees, warehouse rent, return, etc., we will not bear any responsibility and reserve the compensation for the damages caused by the sender;
2) If the goods are not detained according to the actual value, infringement of intellectual property rights, local import ban, etc., this situation is not within the scope of compensation, our company only assists the sender to provide customs clearance documents;
3) If the quality of the customer’s goods itself and the specific certification issues are involved, no compensation will be accepted;
4) In case of war, natural disasters and other force majeure factors will not accept compensation for damage or loss of goods;
5) In the event of any delay in flight delay caused by flight delays/clearance delays during transportation, no compensation will be accepted.
6) If the quantity of the product is lacking, the damage is not accepted, and the goods with higher value are recommended to purchase insurance by themselves;
7) Fragile products do not accept any damages;

Special note: If the customer agrees to accept the service of our company, our company has read the remarks of this price list in detail and accepted the terms and conditions.

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