First Time to Use Air Freight ?

The first time you tried to use the air freight service? How to start to use air freight service ? Detailed steps for using air freight service?

Firstly,You should know the difference between Courier and Air Freight,When you use DHL Service, it is the DHL who do the custom clearance ,and delivery to you.

But when use air freight, just Airport to Airport, you need to do the custom clearance and get them to your address by yourself

1,Get an air freight quotation

You may want to know the air freight price , then you need to get an air freight quotation.

The following information are needed to get air freight quotation:

  • The destination airport
  • Product name
  • Where are the goods
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Requirement of transit times
  • Terms you do with your supplier,FOB or EXW

Then you will get a quotation like this :

  • Unit price :USD2.27/kg By HU Airline
  • Factory to Shenzhen Airport:USD70/BL
  • Custom & Doc in Shenzhen:USD65/BL
  • Charge weight: 424kg(Final weight according to the airport data)
  • Transit times: 1 day after departure
  • Flight Schedule: Wednesday,Sundy  
  • Total : about USD1097.48

(This is a quotation for air freight from Shenzhen to Brisbane Airport)

2,Booking Space 

If you get a satisfactory offer, you now need to book an air freight space. you will get a Booking Form, you need to fill it then send back to us.

3,Send Your Air Cargo to warehouse

After we successfully book the space, we’ll inform you , then depends on the terms you do with your supplier, we pick up or your supplier send the cargo to the warehouse.

4,Document Prepare

This step need your supplier to provide, We’ll take care of this , if they don’t have some documents that needed, we can help.

5,Pay the Freight 

When use air freight service, Prepaid shipping is a convention. you should pay before the flights departure.

6,Departure and Arrive

Everything is ready, the plane takes off and landed on time.

7,Custom Clearance

After the plane arrives at the destination airport, the airport personnel will inform you to pick up the goods at the airport. You need to do customs clearance and pay customs duties. Then you can get your goods.

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