Hong Kong Epacket-HKEUB

Hong Kong Epacket

Hong Kong Epacket is a postal service for Hong Kong Post for international light and small items that are under two kilograms to the United States. The package of this service has priority when it arrives in the United States. Since November 14, 2016, e-Express service has been extended from the United States to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Norway, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Brazil, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden. , Denmark, Israel, Japan.
Mainly used for cross-border e-commerce, Ebay, AliExpress, Amazon, wish and other platform sellers.
Service short name: HKEUB




Do not accept any battery products
Do not accept aviation contraband: magnets, flammable and explosive materials, offensive weapons, currency, reactionary obscene newspapers and books
Imitation brand, food, medicine, animal and plant, tea, liquid, powder, granules, chemicals


Weight mode: Excluding the first weight, the weight is calculated in gram.
Weight limit: no more than 2KG
Volume limit: maximum size – the sum of length, width and height is less than 90 cm, the longest side is less than 60 cm; the smallest size – 14 cm * 9 cm

Surcharge: none
Tracking inquiry:Internet access within 1-2 business days of delivery, delays on weekends or transit check-in will result in delays https://dhlecommerce.asia/track/Track?ref
Request for enquiry: No open inquiry service is provided.

Tariff related: Generally, there is no tariff, but if a tariff or other miscellaneous fees are incurred, the recipient will be required to pay, and if the recipient refuses to pay the parcel, it will be returned or discarded.

Insurance claims
a) Insurance: no insurance services;
b) Compensation:
1): If the parcel is lost before the Internet access, Taijia will compensate the customer for the loss according to the declared value (the upper limit is 100 USD), and the maximum is not more than 3 times the freight. Since the date of the inquiry, there is no result within 2 months. We consider it to be lost before the Internet. We will compensate the customer according to this rule. If we find the package and have no responsibility for our company, we reserve the right to recover the compensation.
2): There is no update and signing information after the Internet access. The service provider can apply for a claim within 1-4 months after processing the Internet. Hongkong Post will compensate according to the declared value. The mail below 500g will be compensated for up to HK$500, and 500g or above. Received a maximum of HK$1,000. After the loss is determined, the post office usually handles the compensation within half a year. The specific compensation time and compensation amount are subject to the results of the post office.

Return related
Security check-outs, contraband, recipients refused to pay customs duties, recipients refused, contactless recipients, etc.

Forbidden to send items
Dangerous goods, battery goods, liquids, powders, etc. for air embargoes; the state expressly prohibits the export of goods, such as antiques, currency and other infringing products.


1, Hong Kong EUB can not check the receipt, you can apply for compensation
One month after the goods are delivered to the post office, the goods can not be inspected on the official website of Hong Kong and the destination country. You can apply for compensation from the post office, which is subject to the post office.

2. Can Hong Kong EUB be suspended?
a goods are still in our company, not out of the warehouse, can be directly suspended;
bThe goods have been shipped, arranged for transit, not withdrawn, and cannot be suspended;
c The goods have been withdrawn and cannot be stopped.

3, Hong Kong EUB security return, how to return shipping costs
a security check / network return, no freight can be returned, because the data has been submitted, the post office has charged shipping:
b heavy number: send one piece, the other one only returns the goods without refunding the freight; two tickets are returned, only one shipping fee is refunded. (Because our system only charges one shipping fee);
c Overseas return, no freight can be refunded.

4. What are the treatment methods for Hong Kong EUB return?
The security check-out or overseas return can only be returned to our warehouse in Hong Kong, and you can choose the following treatment opinions;
a: change (HKDHL, HKUPS, HKEMS can be changed according to the specific goods); re-issued need to re-charge the freight;
b: Return separately (trouble to provide the recipient name, address, contact number, declaration name, declared value) and if the customs issue occurs, the recipient needs to assist in customs clearance.
c: Unified return, 30 yuan / kg, the time limit for return is not guaranteed, 2-6 months;
d: The customer arrives at our warehouse in Hong Kong (reservation is required one day in advance);
e: free abandonment;

5, when is there a tracking number
Ship to our company the next day, you can check the transfer number in our system.

A): Can not exceed 2kg, can not exceed the corresponding volume requirements; 

B): can not send built-in, supporting batteries, pure batteries and aviation contraband.

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