how to choose a better airline for your goods

In international trade , we always want a better price and a less transport time for the transportation .

but how to pick that airline you need out in so many airlines ?

As an experienced local China Air freight agent , I’d like to provide you some suggestion:

(1) How to choose airline in busy season 

In busy season , as many flights will take more time to arrive (more cargo,same quantity of flights),choose a better airline will be necessary .

1,Choose the Local airline in your country 

Normally , local airline will have better price with less transport time.

For Example , if you’re in Germany , LH will be a very good airline , with more flights and better service 

2,Choose direct flights or less transit flights

To the same destination , an airline company maybe have different routing .

For example , if to Los Angeles , CA have 2 different routing from Shenzhen to Los Angeles.

a,Shenzhen direct to Los Angeles(1day)

b,Shenzhen to Beijing , Beijing to Los Angeles(5-7days or more in busy season)

3,Choose quality airline 

For example:

to Middle-East: EK,TG.etc.

to Europe:LH,CI.etc.

to US:CI,SQ,CX.etc

(2)How to choose airline in off-season.

If not so urgent , choose the cheap flights .

For example , from China to Europe ,US and Australia ,In off-season , HU ,CA &MU will have a very good price with good service .


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