How To Transport Lithium Batteries From China

Lithium batteries are a kind of dangerous goods. Because of their flammable and explosive characteristics, there are special requirements for transporting lithium batteries. The general requirements are UN38.3, MSDS and dangerous goods Declaration,also and there are strict packaging requirements.

Many forwarders ask you for a variety of documents and ask for a variety of requirements that seem normal. However, as a practitioner who has been engaged in battery transportation for many years, we have noticed that many customers have no way to provide the required documents, or for them, providing these documents is very troublesome.What’s more, when it is just small parcel , how to transport ?

Is there a company that can provide one-stop service to solve all problems? I am proud that we can solve all these problems.

Normally we provide 5 methods,

  • 1,Epacket
  • 2,Courier Service
  • 3,Air Freight
  • 4,Special Line
  • 5,Sea Freight

For different customer requirements and destinations,We provide the most suitable battery transport service for our customers.

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