Ink Cartridge Air Freight

How to transport ink cartridges? What is the price of ink cartridges? Ink cartridge air price inquiry? Are ink cartridges shipped from China to the US or other countries?

The ink cartridge mainly refers to a component used in an inkjet printer (including an ink jet type MFP) for storing printing ink and finally completing printing. Ink cartridges are an important part of inkjet printers, and their quality will directly affect the printing results of inkjet printers.

The used printer cartridge is directly discarded into nature. The residual ink in the ink cartridge will pollute the soil and water source. Therefore, the printer’s ink cartridge is polluting, and the receiving unit is generally cautious.

In 2010, the United States stipulated that printer cartridges were not allowed to board the aircraft to prevent the recurrence of camouflage cartridge bombings similar to those that occurred on October 28. In 2010, Canada banned all printer cartridges weighing more than 454 grams from being brought on a commercial aircraft.

Whether the printer cartridge can be aired first needs to identify whether the ink inside is dangerous, and secondly, it is necessary to identify whether the packaging is suitable for air transportation. If the ink cartridge is non-dangerous, it can be transported normally. If it is a dangerous product, it must be packaged according to the dangerous goods category and UN number, and must be carried by the airline that carries dangerous goods.

As long as your goods do not contain liquid ink, you need to make a chemical identification certificate in Shanghai and provide a non-hazard package to deliver. From Shenzhen/Hong Kong, it doesn’t matter if you bring a little ink inside. Customers only need to provide a packing list of the goods.

Printer cartridge packaging method:
First of all, some thick and flexible packaging boxes must be made to store fragile items to avoid squeezing and vibration. The interior also needs to be filled with a softer texture or a flexible material.

Secondly, during the process, care should be taken to keep the fragile items in the stack, avoiding the inclusion of the items in the middle, and the resulting shaking and damage. When carrying the goods, the fragile items should be lightly handled and placed in the yard. At the time, avoid large gaps in the middle of the item, causing the item to be damaged due to shaking.

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