Mask Air Freight To Ecuador

Due to the influence of COVID-19, there have been fewer flights from China to South America recently, and the capacity is very limited.

Ecuador is deeply affected by COVID-19, and the demand for masks is very large, but how to transport the masks to Ecuador? As far as we know, there are almost no flights from China to Ecuador.

Now, you need us to help you, as an air transport company with rich experience, airfreightfromchina.com can still provide you with air transport services from China to Ecuador.

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Details for your reference:

Air Frieght to UIO airport
Transit times: 6-8days after departure
1, Tianjin to Seoul (1 day)
2. Seoul to MIA airport (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
3, MIA TO UIO Airport (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)

Custom in China and South Korea side included.

1, the space needs to be booked a week in advance
2, The price needs to be reconfirmed when book the space
3, Need your supplier to send the cargo to Tianjin.

4, Factory must have all the documents that China Custom required.

Welcome to contact us to get detailed quotation.

DATE:2020,April 18.

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