Precautions For Australian Importers

When you import goods from China to Australia, what you need to pay attention to ?

Is there something you don’t know ?

This article is to help Australian importers avoid some troubles and costs.

If we missed something, welcome to add in the comments section 。

1,Invoice Value

Buyers in many countries will ask their suppliers to write low-value goods to avoid excessive tariffs.

However, if you are in Australia, we recommend that you consider it carefully because Australian Customs is very powerful and efficient.

We strongly recommend that the true value of the goods be truthfully declared to avoid unnecessary trouble.

2,Package Requirement

Need to pay attention to two: packaging statement and wood packaging:

For wood packaging, wood packaging must be fumigated and provided with fumigation proof, forwarders can help you solve this problem.

3,Certificate of Origin

If you do not have a certificate of origin, you will have trouble in customs clearance in Australia and will pay some customs duties that you would not have to pay.

Forwarders and supplier both can help to solve this problem.

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