Sea Shipping to FBA Amazon


Airfreightfromchina.com provide sea shipping service to FBA Amazon in US.

1,How it works ?

  1. Collect goods from suppliers in China
  2. China to US sea shipping 
  3. Do the custom clearance and pay taxes US
  4. Delivery to FBA Amazon by UPS or FedEx

2,Notice for carton & shipment

  • Minimum weight for one shipment: 100kg
  • Minimum weight for one carton:10kg
  • Transit times: Fast and Normal    

3,Packaging requirements

  • Do not accept wooden box packaging and air box, no woven bag packaging;
  • The length of the longest side is less than 120cm or the length of the second longest side is more than 75cm;
  • If the actual weight of a single carton is ≥31KG and ≤68KG, a surcharge is required;
  • The actual weight exceeds 68KG, the length exceeds 270cm or (width + height) *2+ is longer than the maximum limit of UPS 300CM, then it is not received;
  • The Amazon warehouse box should be affixed with two warehousing lables, not to be sealed at the sealing port;

4,Two Service:Fast & Normal

  • Fast sea shipping to US FBA Amazon: 18-22days
  • Normal sea shipping to US FBA Amazon:25-30days

5,How to get detailed quotation

The following information are needed, welcome to send email or add our Wechat/WhatsApp to get detailed quotation.

  • Product name and picture
  • Dimensions,gross weight,carton quantity
  • Delivery address(country &post codes)
  • Supplier contact information(If need to collect the goods by us)

6,Contact us

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