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Amazon has five independent platforms in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy), more than 34% of top sellers are comming from mainland China, if plus many products that designed in EU and produced in China , You can easily find out how popular Chinese-made goods are in Europe.

Whether you are a local Europe seller or US seller, if you need to transport your goods from China to UK,Germany,France,Spain or Italy FBA , you can reply on us.

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Usefull Information For FBA Shipping

1, What We can do for you ?

After quotation confirmed, we can help you to

  • Collect goods from your different suppliers
  • Paste lables(if needed)
  • Ship goods from China to Europe
  • Do the custom clearance
  • Pay the duty and taxes
  • Delivery to UK,Germany,France,Spain and Italy FBA

Infact , You can put all your energy into the store optimization and sales products, we can help you to deal with all logistics problems.

2,Fast or Economy?

Chinashipingtoamazon.com provide 2 optional way to Europe: air shipping to Europe FBA and Railway Shipping to Europe FBA

1>,Air Shipping to UK/Germany/France/Spain/Italy FBA

  • Transit times:7-15days
  • Advantages: Fast, custom&taxes included, ddp service
  • Not Accept:Liquid,Podwer,Medichal,etc.
  • Minimum Shipment:21kg(less than 21kg have surcharge)
  • Minimum Carton:10kg

2>,Railway Shipping to UK/Germany/France/Spain/Italy FBA

Before 2011, bulk shipments to Europe generally used sea shipping, now more and more sellers and importers use the railway to ship their goods from China to Europ, it is very cheap , but more faster than sea shipping.

  • Transit times:25-35days
  • Advantages: Cheap and have goods transit tims,custom&taxes included, ddp service
  • Not Accept:Liquid,Podwer,Medichal,etc.
  • Minimum Shipment:100kg, most company can only handle goods that more than 100kg, we can handle minimum 13kg per shipment.
  • Minimum Carton:10kg

3,Where Are We ?

Our office and warehouse located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,China. we can handle all the goods that in China Mainland . If your goods are from different suppliers, we can help you to collect .

4,How To Contact  us ?

Send Email: petergc@yeah.net

Call us:+86-13632768961

Add our wechat:+86-13632768961

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