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The United States is the world’s largest consumer market. China is the world’s largest production base. Many people and companies choose to produce products in China and sell their products in US Amazon.

This looks simple, it is actually a very complicated thing.As a seller , you may have seen many problems in building a store and uploading a listing. It is confusing but not hard to solve.

But how to choose a professional supplier in China ? and How to send you cute goods from China to Amazon FBA ?As a freight forwarding company, choose supplier is our job, but shipping goods from China to US Amazon FBA is what we are good at .

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1, How We Help You ?

After quotation confirmed, we can help you to

  • Collect goods from your supplier
  • paste lables(if needed)
  • Ship goods from China to US
  • Do the custom clearance
  • Pay the duty and taxes
  • Delivery to FBA Amazon

Infact , You can put all your energy into the store optimization and sales products, we can help you to deal with all logistics problems.

2, Air Shipping or Sea Shipping ?

Very simple, Air shipping is fast but expensive, sea shipping is slow but economy. Which to use to ship your goods from China to US Fulfillment by Amazon ? It is about Money, you have to be serious,the followings may help you .

1>,Minimum accept weight for one shipment
  • Air shipping to US FBA Amazon: 21kg
  • Sea shipping to US FBA Amazon: 100kg
2>,Transit times(after we received the cargo and payments)
  • Air shipping to US FBA Amazon: 7-15days
  • Fast Sea Shipping to US FBA Amazon:18-22days
  • Normal Sea Shipping to US FBA Amazon:25-30days
3>Both charged by USD Per KG
  • Air shipping to US FBA Amazon: 2-6USD/KG
  • Sea shipping to US FBA Amazon: 0.7-3USD/KG

3,Why Is The Price So Different ?

When you confirm the shipping cost with freight forwarder , you may face a confusing question, same to US, why there is big difference between 2 shipments ?

  • Different post codes: as we know, United States is a very big country, East or West will results in different delivery cost.
  • Different Products: different product have different requirement by custom, taxes may be different
  • Different Time: Air rates and sea shipping rates changes every week, Sometimes, the price of a shipment can be expensive more than USD1.0/KG than the shipments in next week or last week.

That’s why we need to know the product name,post codes to confirm cost , and need to confirm the price again when the goods are ready.

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