Shipping To Amazon FBA

Shipping to Amazon FBA ?How to Ship from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse?

If you are an amazon seller, you must want to know the answer.After all, it’s about cost and benefit.

Which Shipping Method Should I Choose to Ship from China to Amazon FBA?

Air shipping to Amazon FBA or sea shipping to Amazon FBA or railway shipping to Amazon FBA ?

If you want to ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA in UK,Germany,France,Italy and Spain, we have air and railway shipping service to Amazon FBA. If the destination of your shipments is Amazon FBA in US, we can offer air and sea shipping service to Amazon FBA.

Chinashippingtoamazon.com provide shipping service from China to Amazon FBA in the USA, UK, France, Germany, France, Italy and Spain Since 2013. As an experienced FBA forwarder in China, we get the competitive rates for air,sea and railway shipping. Ship your goods to Amazon FBA ? You can rely on us.

FBA shipping seems very simple , but it involves many links: air/sea/railway transportation, customs clearance, customs duties, warehousing, express delivery. An experienced forwarder can help you to take care of all this things.

How we ship to Amazon FBA ?

We use the special line service , which mean a service that custom and taxes and delivery included.Rich experience help us to handle the shipments, and solve the problem that may face.

Need us to help do the package ? Yes, we can .

Need us to paste the Amazon lables ? Yes, we can , we’ll help you to paste at least 2 lables on each carton.

Need us to collect goods from different suppliers ? Yes,we can , it is not a problem.

You don’t want to pay by US dollar ? No problem, RMB is ok.


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