Special Line to Iran

Special line  to Iran ,Airfreightfromchina.com provide Special Line service from China to Iran.(Similar to DHL)

1. Customs clearance is a formal customs clearance: no double clearance, no tax included. The specific customs clearance method: the goods were cleared in the past, and if they could not be cleared, the customer would be called to assist in customs clearance.
In the case of customs clearance assistance, it will be transferred to the customer’s own customs clearance. In the case of the customer’s own customs clearance, our company will no longer arrange shipments in the later stage, and the cargo status will no longer be tracked.
2. Only goods with no electricity, no license, no liquid powder, etc. can be delivered. General trade declarations are not accepted. Please confirm separately for wooden boxes and special goods. (Goods with magnetic and carton packaging, the actual or volume weight is greater than
Or equal to 10 kg, unit price +3RMB/KG, minimum 60RMB/ticket magnetic inspection fee. Additional quotation for less than 10 kg
3. The order will be cut off at 5 pm the same day, and shipped from Monday to Saturday, but not on Sundays.

4. This quotation does not include customs duties, customs fines, storage fees, import documents required for special products, and return fees caused by the recipient’s failure to cooperate.
5. Shipment needs to provide invoice, HS code, and purpose of the goods.
6. Cargo weight below 10kg, less than 0.5kg will be charged at 0.5kg, 10kg and above less than 1kg will be charged at 1kg, the actual weight is light and the bulky is charged according to the volume weight;
  Calculation formula: (length×width×height)cm÷6000.
7. A single piece exceeds 70kg, or the longest side exceeds 150CM; have surcharge.
8. Items not to be carried include: liquids, powders, food, fresh and live, medicines, flammable and explosive, corrosive, optical discs, pure batteries, munitions and other sensitive restricted items.

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