China-Australia Line

Our China-Australia Line is similar with UPS or DHL. but price is better


1,Delivery to door

2,4-6 working days to receive,may need more time now (10-15 days)

3,Better price than DHL or UPS

Type of shipments:Cartons,General cargo


1,commercial invoice is required(company,city,zip code,phone)

2,please honestly declare the value

3,weight of every cargo should less than 30KG

4,official custom fee(declared more than  AUD1000 will produce this fee, AUD65 / BL),customs fines, warehousing fees, invoice tax and destination tariffs  are not include.

5,Compensation:same as DHL

6,There is over-length fee for cargo that length more than 120 cm .

7.Only general cargo is acceptable.counterfeit brand, arms, chemicals, mobile phones, batteries, fragile goods, furniture, it is difficult to open the box to check the goods, imitation brand, flammable and explosive items, jewelry, drugs, drugs, Dangerous goods will be rejected!

8,Remote surcharges:same as DHL

9.wood packing not acceptable.

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