China-India Line

Special Line From China To India

China and India have tens of billions of dollars in annual transactions, and many Indian importers or purchasers have troubled India’s high tariffs and corrupt customs. We often hear that Indians are not honest, but after they buy the goods, they give up picking up in India. However, in our experience, this is actually an institutional problem. High tariffs and excessive customs clearance costs make Indian businessmen miserable.

Indian Businessmen need help , We hope our special line service can help them.

1,The Cost

the cost of special line from China to India is always more expensive than DHL or FedEx, but it worthy it.

Custom clearance and duty are included, also we’ll delivery them to your address.

2, Transit Times

Normally,transit times is always within 7days, sometimes will be 7-15 days.

3,What Payments are acceptable ?

RMB is the Best , we also accept US dollars by PayPal or HSBC.

4, Why we can provide this service ?

We We have a strong relationship with Indian customs and have a wealth of international supply chain resources.

Welcome to contact us to get detailed quotation.

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