China-Indonesia Line

Airfreightfromchina.com provide DDP Special Line service from China to Indonesia,can accept general goods,battery,phone .

As we know , Custom clearance in Indonesia is always a big problem for importers. 

That’s why we provide China-Indonesia DDP Special Line service : 

Transit times: normally 5-8days.  

Cargo acceptable:General goods,mobile phone, pure battery, power bank,Balance car and Other sensitive products 

Advantages:you don’t need to pay any duties and duties when receive your goods

How our Special line works:

1,Air freight to Indonesia  

2,Do custom clearance &pay duties and taxes in Indonesia  

3,Delivery to your address 

How to cooperate with us ? 

1,Provide cargo information:weight,dimension,product name  

2,We quote, you confirm  

3,We arrange to Pick Up or you let your suppliers send the cargo to us.  

4,Confirm the charge weight and you Pay.  

5,We transport the goods to your address.  

To get detailed quotation, please send email to petergc@yeah.net

Also you can scan to add out Wechat to get More timely communication:

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