China-US DDP Line

Our DDP shipping service from China to US includes: 

Air Special Line DDP Shipping From China to US

Sea Special Line DDP Shipping From China to US(Normal Service)

Sea Special Line DDP Shipping From China to US(Fast Service)

Oversized Cargo Door To Door Shipping To USA

Air Special Line DDP Shipping From China to US as below for your reference:

1, Overview:

Our China-US line is a DDP service(Delivered Duty Paid) .We’ll help you do the custom clearance and pay the duty and delivery to door .

  • a,Who will need this  service?
  •    Importers and Amazon sellers in United States.
  • b, How our China-US Line works ?
  •   Air to airport of United States —-> Custom clearance(Duty include)—-Delivery to door by UPS
  • c,The cost you need to Pay(Based on FOB) : Freight ,all in .
  • d,The cost you needn’t to pay(Based on FOB):Custom clearance and duty and delivery
  • e,T/T:7-15days
  • f,Address :personal or FBA address

2,What We Can Do For You ?(If needed)

  • a,buy export license & Provide commodity inspection
  • b,Pick up and collect goods from your suppliers
  • c,Consolidate your goods to our own warehouse
  • d,Documents that you or your supplier need 

3,Cargo requirements and Precautions

1.Cargo packaging requirements: carton must be clean and not broken, wooden box or and other packaging difficult to open won’t be accepted, do not accept irregular goods / non-carton goods, 

10kg≤Charge Wight for single carton≤30kg, 
Unilateral length≤120CM, 
Packaging must have Made in china origin label

2.P.O.BOX, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, military address not received.

3.Products with battery or magnet, aging extended 1-2 working days;
***** textiles / shoes / bags / watches will not do tax customs clearance, customs duty will as reported *****

4.Volum Weighte: L*W *H(cm) / 6000, for general trade declarations export, aging delay a  working day
5. If the recipient or the sender request in the delivery or the wrong address can not be delivered lead to return, only accept the goods returned to our US warehouse with a 7days free storage ,more than 7 days will be charged rental costs.

6. If the Amazon warehouse reject to accept the goods due to packaging problems or other problems , we won’t  assume any responsibility, We no longer do any review of the packaging.
The following are the same as the “

7.Imitation brand, counterfeit, dangerous goods and liquid won’t be accepted,
  If the product is battery or power bank, pls confirm with us .

8.The destination customs certificate that the goods are branded goods, or the certification issues of CE, Bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, FCC, Lacey Act, DOT and other certification , or goods belonging to the local anti-dumping, goods or non-compliance of the country’s import requirements of the goods, the shipper need to provide the corresponding power of attorney or certification report.

9.Compensation Clause: In the course of air transport, if the goods are lost or deducted, compensate twice as the freight, and the freight is not refundable (but if the infringement is not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the US Customs, Responsibility and retention of the sender to bring the loss of our Secretary for compensation) .If the goods is lost after we transfer the goods to UPS to delivery , compensate 100USD/BL(According to the policy of UPS).

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