Switzerland Post packet

Switzerland Post packet

Swiss Post is the top 5 postal service of the UPU. It was established in 1847, originally started from the telegraph business, and today it has grown into a large enterprise with more than 50,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 11 billion Swiss francs. It has three transit processing centers in Europe, with branches in almost every country and strong mail processing capabilities. In 2014, it merged with France Post La Poste to form the Asendia Group, which provides a service channel with its own characteristics for European e-commerce logistics delivery.
Mainly used for Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Lazada, Wish, Newegg, Dunhuang, Alibaba and other cross-border e-commerce platform sellers.
Service short name
Swiss registration: SWBRAM
Swiss surface mail: SWBAM
Ruiyoubao: SWEUB (Swiss Post upgraded postal semi-tracking service)




Do not accept pure battery,matching battery. built-in battery is acceptable.
Do not accept aviation contraband: magnets, flammable and explosive materials, offensive weapons, currency, reactionary obscene newspapers and books
Imitation brand, food, medicine, animal and plant, tea, liquid, powder, granules, chemicals


Weight mode: Billing according to real weight, the weight is calculated in gram.
Weight limit: no more than 2KG
Volume limit: maximum size – the sum of length, width and height is less than 90 cm, the longest side is less than 60 cm; 
Surcharge: none
Tracking inquiry:http://www.swisspost.com/
Request for enquiry10 days after the Swiss Post packet is delivered online, Swiss Post can accept the opening inquiry. The inspection will not be accepted after 2 months of parcel delivery; the Swiss post office will be open for at least 3 months.
Tariff relatedImports to destination countries may result in tariffs that vary from country to country customs tax law. The recipient refuses to pay the customs duty and will be borne by the sender.
a) Insurance: no insurance services;
b) Compensation:
Lost before the Internet: 1-2 business days after delivery, in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the customer, after we collect the goods and freight, the goods are lost before the Internet, we will compensate the customer’s loss according to the declared value (upper limit USD100), up to 3 times the shipping cost. Post Office Compensation: Swiss Post’s parcel mail is lost, missing, damaged and delayed due to non-customer negligence during the delivery process. Taijia will assist customers to apply for compensation from Swiss Post. If the parcel is damaged or lost, the post office will compensate according to the declared value, up to a maximum of 120 Hong Kong dollars. However, no liability is assumed for indirect losses and unrealized benefits.

Return related
Support for return: refusal, address error, postponed failure after delivery failure; return location: Swiss Post Processing Center (destination country to Swiss Post Processing Center free of charge), refund time limit of 1-6 months; return processing plan:
1, by us return to Hong Kong warehouse, return fee RMB45 per shipment
2, free destruction
3, Hong Kong warehouse from mentioning
4, returned by us to Shenzhen: RMB30/KG, mobile phone or tablet RMB40/PCS


1,Q:Whether the Swiss packet can send liquid ?

A:Can send a mask type of goods with a small amount of liquid

2,Q:Whether the Swiss packet can send battery ?

A: Only Built-in battery is acceptable.

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