Warehouse Service For Small Purchaser

If you buy different goods on taobao.com or 1688.com, you may need someone to help you collect all the goods and put in 1 shipment to save cost.

We can help you .details as below:

1, Buy the goods you need.

If you know how to purchase goods from China , just buy it , if you don’t know how to buy , please search on Google:”how to buy goods from China”.

At least you need to know how to find the products you need so that we can help you to place the order or by yourselves.

2, Ship the goods to us.

before place the order , you need to get an address from us, which will be used to receive your goods.

Then the seller will send your parcel to us.


once we receive all the parcel , will put them in 1 or 2 shipment to help you save cost, all will according to your requirement.

4, Send the goods to you 

after package, we’ll send you the goods. Normally by DHL,UPS or FedEx.

You must very care about how much money you need to pay and what documents you need to provide.

1,For documents, we only need commercial invoice.

 if you don’t know how to make a commercial invoice, we have template .

2,For Payments, We prefer RMB, but US dollar is also ok.

3Possible cost items are as follows:

a,purchase cost
b,Purchasing service fee (1% of value, minimum charge 50RMB,)
These two fees will only be generated when we need to help us with the purchase.

c,Packing fee
d,Inland courier fee
d,International courier fee

e,warehouse rent(free for 30 days if goods less than 0.5CBM,more than 0.5CBM, free for 7days)

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