what a freight forwarder do in international trade

Many people know a freight forwarder is an agent to provide third party services .

But,what role a freight forwarder play in international trade ?

1,First of all , a freight forwarder provide competitive freight price .

Normally, there are 3 main transport methods when we transport goods from one country to another country

:air freight, sea freight and international express(DHL,UPS,FedEx). 

airline, sea freight and express company provide freight service,but they don’t collect all cargo by themselves.

a freight forwarder can get bulk price when they promise they will provide a certain amount of goods every month or year.

2,Second, a freight forwarder provide package service

For example, when a company in USA purchase lots of goods in China, from different suppliers in different city.

a freight forwarder can help to pick up all the goods to one City, then put them in one shipment.

(also in this process, a freight forwarder provided warehouse service )

3,Third,a freight forwarder provide document and transfer service 

When cargo arrives in a forwarder’s warehouse, we need to send to the purchaser, that’s the forwarders’ job.

but export from China or other country need some documents, some supplier can provide, but the other can’t provide.

so, sometimes, a forwarder will also provide document service.

4,Fourth, a freight forwarder also can provide other service:buy goods for customer,Investigate suppliers,etc.

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