What Is Air Cargo Agent

Many people are curious about what is an air cargo agent .

We’ll try to explain this for you through this post .

The air cargo agent has another name called air cargo forwarder .

Everyone knows that air transport is carried by plane, but airlines do not collect the goods directly unless the customer is a very large company, such as Apple.

So how do airlines collect goods?

First of all, whether it is a passenger plane or a cargo plane, each aircraft has only limited space to carry the goods. The airline calculates the annual carrying capacity of each route. For example, 10,000 tons, the airline will sell the space of 10,000 tons To a company called A, company A promises to provide at least 8,000 tons of goods to the airline each year. If it does not, the airline will cancel its supply or fine.

Then Company A will look for customers who need air cargo freight service  to collect the goods and hand them over to the airline for transportation to the destination airport.

Here, Company A is the Air Cargo agent. Since Company A is transshipping the goods of the owner to the airline, it is also called Forwarder.

In this process, Company A may sell the position to B and C in the same way, where they are all Air Cargo Agent.

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