What is Amazon FBA ?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) means that the seller sends the product inventory he sells on Amazon directly to the warehouse in the Amazon local market. After the customer places an order, Amazon provides picking and packaging, distribution, receipt, customer service, and return processing. One-stop logistics services, at the same time, will also charge a certain fee. Simply put, Amazon FBA is equivalent to Amazon’s official overseas warehouse.
However, Amazon only provides warehousing and distribution services locally, so how do you send the goods from China to the local FBA warehouse?

As a result, Amazon FBA first journey service came into being. That is, China logistics service providers are responsible for delivering the seller’s goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse and providing a series of services such as customs clearance and tax payment.

Any shipping question about how to transport your goods from China to Amazon FBA, welcome to contact us.

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