Why sometimes you use air freight ?

As We know, DHL/UPS/FedEx/EMS is a door to door service ,on the other side, Air freight is just a port to port service.

When use air freight service , you have to do the custom clearance and delivery the goods by yourselves. actually this is not convenient.

However there are still many importers choose to use air freight, why ?

We’d like to show you some of the main reasons:

1, save freight cost

a,When the cargo is more than 500kg , normally even plus custom clearance and delivery , air freight will be cheaper than Courier.

b,When the goods are light goods(air feight 1CBM=167KG, courier 1CBM=200KG),air freight would save cost a lot.

2,Courier don’t accept the goods

a,Whether DHL or UPS or FedEx or EMS, they all have a limit of weight and size. if the cartons are big or overweight, additional fee would be very expensive.

b,sometimes the cartons are very big cartons that Courier don’t accept.

3,Require less transit times

Compare with courier , air freight have more service to choose: direct flights, 2-3days service, 3-5 days service

What Product use air freight more ?

1,LED Lighting

2,Big Machine

3,Fashion Clothes

4,Phone Parts, Phone Case

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