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Allah Valley Airport


Allah Valley Airport (IATA: AAV, ICAO: RPMA) is an airport serving the general area of Allah Valley, located in Surallah, South Cotabato, in the Philippines.There are currently no scheduled flights serving this airport.

Although the airport is officially named “Allah Valley Airport” by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, some sources use the name “Alah Airport”, although this is unofficial.

The airport is classified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines as a community airport

Allah Valley Airport
Name Allah Valley Airport
Country Philippines
Elevation 659 feet
Latitude  6° 22′ 0.55″ N
Longitude  124° 45′ 3.60″ E
Time Zone Asia/Manila (GMT +8:00)
WAC 766 
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allah_Valley_Airport
FAQs for Allah Valley Airport
What is the airport code for Allah Valley Airport?
What is the ICAO code for Allah Valley Airport?
Airport Code RPMA
What is the airport code for Allah Valley Airport?
What is the IATA code for Allah Valley Airport?
What is the Address for Allah Valley Airport?
Airport Code AAV
Allah Valley Airport Code
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