Ship To FBA

As an Amazon seller , you are looking for a freight forwarder to ship your products from China to Amazon FBA ?

Ship to FBA ?  That’s exactly what we can do for you .We can provide you air,sea and railway shipping service from China to FBA in US,UK,France,Germany,Spain and Italy.

Ship to FBA in Europe, we have air special line service and railway special line service. custom,duty,taxes and delivery included, you don’t have to do the custom clearance and pay the taxes by yourself.

  • air special line service:7-15days
  • raiway special line service:25-35days

Ship to FBA in US , we have air special line, fast sea special line and sea special line service. Also, all these 3 service will include the custom clearance ,taxes and delivery to fba.

  • air special line:7-15days
  • fast sea special line:18-25 days
  • sea special line:25-30days

What do you need to pay attention to?

  • The length shouldn’t more than 120cm
  • The weight of each carton need to be more than 10kg
  • Liquid ,chemical, pharmaceutical and powder are not accpetable
  • Don’t forget to paste the amazon lable(at least 2 lables per carton)
  • Postcodes are needed
  • to get quotation, product name, gross weight, dimensions and volume are all requested.

Want to ship to personal or company address ?

Maybe you are not an amazon seller , but you also need to transport your goods from China to US ,UK,France,Germany,Spain, Italy and other countries. Also interested in using this service ? no problem, if the goods is ok and we have service to your country , we can help you to ship your goods to your address.

No matter you are amazon seller or importers or supplier in China , we can help you to ship your goods from China to FBA or your personal address.

Welcome to contact us to get detailed quotation, also welcome to visit our address in Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.

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