Air And Sea Freight

When conducting international trade, sea and air transport are the most commonly used modes of transport. When we refer to maritime transport in international trade, it refers to maritime transport from one port of a country to a port of another country; and when we refer to international air transport, there may be two meanings: The first one is pure Air transport, the transportation of a country’s air port to another country’s air port, the second refers to international express delivery.

As a transportation service company providing China to the world, we will introduce air and sea freight services from China (Mainland) to other regions.

1, Air freight from China to the rest of the world

In mainland China, the main airports providing international freight services are: Beijing Airport, Shanghai Airport, Guangzhou and Shenzhen Airport. These four airports provide major transportation services from mainland China to the rest of the world. In addition, many goods will enter Hong Kong through Shenzhen and then be transported from Hong Kong to their destination. In recent years, due to various reasons, such as price advantage, the freight volume of Zhengzhou Airport, Changsha Airport, Qingdao Airport, Xi’an Airport and Xiamen Airport has also increased rapidly.

The airlines that provide air cargo services from China to the world are: CA, HU, MU, SQ, SU, EK, EY, etc. Among these airlines, CA, HU and MU offer relatively low prices, while SQ And EK will have high prices and better service. If you want to know the service and price of an airline from China to your country, please email us.

2, international express delivery from China to the rest of the world
From mainland China to other places, the following courier methods are generally used: DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT. Many people now use postal parcels and special lines.
Airfreightfromchina.com provides express delivery and delivery services. Whether you are a small-scale purchaser or a professional purchaser, we can help you store your goods and send them to your address.

3, international shipping from China to the rest of the world
In mainland China, the main shipping ports are: Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Dalian. There will also be a lot of goods entering Hong Kong through Shenzhen and then transferred from Hong Kong to the destination port. Airfreightfromchina.com offers the advantage of LCL service.

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