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DHL E-packet

Deutsche Post (DHL) is the top 3 postal service of the UPU. It is a postal parcel service of Germany’s Global Post that can be sent to various postal outlets around the world. It includes two services, Deutsche Post and Deutsche Post. It is a fast and reliable Deutsche Post (DHL) for e-commerce sellers. And the most cost-effective delivery solution!
Mainly used for Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Lazada, Wish, Newegg, Dunhuang, Ali International and other cross-border e-commerce platform sellers.
Service short name




Do not accept any battery
Do not accept aviation contraband: magnets, flammable and explosive materials, offensive weapons, currency, reactionary obscene newspapers and books
Imitation brand, food, medicine, animal and plant, tea, liquid, powder, granules, chemicals


Weight mode: Calculated by kilogram plus registration fee.
Weight limit: Not more than 2KG.
Volume limit: Minimum size – 14 cm * 9 cm; Maximum size: square: single side length does not exceed 60CM, length + width + height does not exceed 90CM; shaft: diameter * 2+ length does not exceed 140CM, single side length does not exceed 90CM.
Surcharge: none
Tracking inquiry:https://dhlecommerce.asia/track/Track?ref

Request for enquiryDHL will not submit delivery information for 15 working days after receiving and sending online.
Tariff relatedhe Customs of the destination country shall judge whether the category and value of the imported parcels are subject to customs duties according to the customs import regulations of the country. The recipients shall pay the fees and the recipients shall refuse to pay the customs duties, which shall be borne by the sender.

Insurance: Loss of compensation before the Internet: the declared value (upper limit of 100USD) + freight, the maximum not more than 3 times the freight; Lost compensation after the Internet: the declared value (upper limit 200RMB) Loss of logistics insurance compensation: This service has no insurance service.

Return related
Support for return: refusal, address error, postponed failure after delivery failure; return location: Swiss Post Processing Center (destination country to Swiss Post Processing Center free of charge), refund time limit of 1-6 months; return processing plan:
1, by us return to Hong Kong warehouse, return fee RMB45 per shipment
2, free destruction
3, Hong Kong warehouse from mentioning
4, returned by us to Shenzhen: RMB30/KG, mobile phone or tablet RMB40/PCS

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